Blue and White Little Top

The blue and white canvas Little Tops aka baby Big Tops are here. With 3 configurations: single pole double pole and tripe pole- they are versatile, elegant and very atmospheric. Particularly good for day time events, weddings, feasts and general partying. These little circus style tents can be installed as matching pairs: 2x twin poles, 2x singles or 1x triple and a single pole too. The light quality makes them great daytime, temporary venues, with air passing through the canvas walls and top, not only will they keep dry and light, they are airy and breathable structures. The blue ribbons of canvas decorate the Tops of these, baby Big Tops, subtly adorning without diminishing the light. Iconic and eye-catching, a skyline bejewelled with these beautiful baby Big Tops embues a sense of summer and a time-honoured sense of celebration.