Twin Pole Big Top

Our Blue & Yellow striped Big Top now has its mid section and is available for hire as a twin pole Big Top with an increased capacity of 1300. The sweeping external stripes make this a really eye catching festival tent. Although very much in the vein of a traditional circus Big Top, it does look contemporary due to its subtly sculpted nature. The interior of this show tent is a constant electric blue, made of Serge Ferrai 702, the colours are vibrant and the material, as well as being ecological in it's fabrication, is incredibly strong. The sculpted design of this Big Top improves its wind tolerance and it is engineered to be able to stand the fairly adverse weather conditions that we experience from time to time that can be unforeseen when planning an event. Jollying up the skyline of any event/ festival, this Big Top will be up in Aberdeen in December and out on the festival circuit in the new year.