Little Tops

Our Little Tops are colourful circus style tents made primarily of canvas with wooden side poles and one central pole. They vary from 7 metres to 15 metres in diameter and are relatively quick to erect.

Little Top: 11m Blue & White Striped

11 metre diameter Little Top made from natural canvas. These little tops have blue ribbons of colour running through them, creating light, airy and decorative interior spaces. Subtly sculpted in design and predominantly white, these tents have excellent interior light quality. There are 2 available at any one time and they can also be configured as 2 or 3 pole structures- for info on these, please refer to 'our tents' page. They have wooden side poles and white canvas side walls.

Striped 15m

Made primarily of canvas and wood, this tent is spacious, breathable and decorative. It is a 15m diametre circle, with striped red and white canvas and a single king pole. It is tailored to curve gently in the Top, giving a contemporary twist to a traditional design.

Blue 10m

This Little Top is a tradition canvas circus stlye Top. It is fully blackout with it's side walls on and closed. it has been used as both a cinema tent and a disco tent at day time events this year.

Striped 10m

A traditional circus style tent in vibrant red and blue stripes. This 10m Little Top is made of canvas and wood, creating a breathable environment which is fun and decorative inside and out whatever the weather. It does not have excessive guy ropes and goes up quickly -in tent terms- in small spaces.

Striped 7m

Red and Blue Little tops, Big Tops, Baby Big Top, Cabaret tent, Canvas Tent

These colourful tents, made primarily of canvas and wood, give a vibrant touch to any event. This 7m Little Top can go up in small spaces making it ideal for fetes, garden parties and festivals.

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