New to 2016: 22m x 47m, Blue & Yellow Big Top. Huge, vibrant, classic Big Top with space for many revellers. Festival Show Top, Circus Big Top, Wedding venue extraordinaire - we can now offer matching 2 x twin poles blue/ yellow big tops or 1 single pole and 1x triple pole matching big tops at the same time! Premier tentsmiley

We have been imagining great and grandiose spaces; resplendent in form and transformative of space and light. The event tents, festival structures and tensile spaces that we have created this season are manifestations of this vision. White, sculpted canvas tents with subtle shape and form, colourful canvas big tops with arches and frills galore. We want to up-the-ante on the event tent front and offer these new structures to transform events in 2016 and beyond. And there's more...

Built with environmental respect using biodegradable & recyclable materials - canvas, thread, metal & wood; we have combined the latest in tensile design tech' to create 5 more, beautiful temporary structures to house & decorate events & celebrations in 2015 & beyond.

Festival tents, festivity big tops, feastival stages, contemporary temporary spaces, decorative shelters and ambient places - playing with light, with the movement of air yeilding; our big tops, little tops, marquees and circus style spaces are offered for hire.

Twin Pole Blue and Yellow, serge Ferrari PVC Big Top - Another new circus style Big Top now available for hire from Smiddereens. The venue space created by this festive Big Top has an area of 655m2. The colours are gorgeous - buttercup yellow and vibrant blue. The side-walls are 3 metres high with the king poles at 10 metres, it can take substantial rigging. Another iconic and eye-catching festive Big Top out of our workshop, ready to adorn and house events this summer.

The blue and white canvas Little Tops aka baby Big Tops are here. With 3 configurations: single pole double pole and tripe pole- they are versatile, elegant and very atmospheric. Particularly good for day time events, weddings, feasts and general partying. These little circus style tents can be installed as matching pairs: 2x twin poles, 2x singles or 1x triple and a single pole too. The light quality makes them great daytime, temporary venues, with air passing through the canvas walls and top, not only will they keep dry and light, they are airy and breathable structures. The blue ribbons of canvas decorate the Tops of these, baby Big Tops, subtly adorning without diminishing the light. Iconic and eye-catching, a skyline bejewelled with these beautiful baby Big Tops embues a sense of summer and a time-honoured sense of celebration.

With 2014 blowing in, we're delighted to make a fabulous February offer of 10% off all bookings, over £1000 and confirmed before the end of the month - no haggle needed just mention our fabulous February offer when you contact us.

Enhance the atmosphere by housing your event in one of our colourful Tops. In breathing canvas, these sculpted tensile structures allow light and air to penetrate while withstanding strong gusts of winds and down pours of rain.

From band venue to beach chill out zone- we can create ambient spaces for your event. Please browse the website for details of the structures we have for hire in 2014.

If you want a totally unique venue, we can design and build bespoke structures. If you would like to consult us, we're happy to discuss ideas and explore possibilities.

Ancillaries - we have a selection of staging, flooring, lights, chairs tables and PA available for hire with our tents. We can create & adapt tents, build linking sections and fully equip any structure to suit your needs, be it band venue, birthday party, wedding, dance space, chill out zone or all out extravaganza. If you would like to receive further information or to discuss what we can offer your event, please get in touch. Wishing you Fun, Love and Peace in 2014, Anya and Rollin

With the festival feel, the circus influence and a graceful venue flushed with light in mind, we have designed a new Little Top- a new baby Big Top for hire in 2014. Working in canvas, we are in the process of constructing a new festival tent to add to our repetoire. In a very beautiful shade of vintage French blue, sweeping bands of colour break up the bellowing oatmeal Top of this versatile venue tent. Light passes through this temporary structure, bouncing off the interior, resplendent with these ribbons of gorgeous blue. I love it and think it is going to be a big hit this year particularly on the festival tent hire and wedding event hire scene- a special, atmospheric daytime events space. With a few events for it already lined up on the books, we are taking bookings and can send you out fabric samples, detailed technical drawings and very soon, photos of this sculpted canvas little top - up, on a welsh hillside. All the best in 2014, Anya

Our Blue & Yellow striped Big Top now has its mid section and is available for hire as a twin pole Big Top with an increased capacity of 1300. The sweeping external stripes make this a really eye catching festival tent. Although very much in the vein of a traditional circus Big Top, it does look contemporary due to its subtly sculpted nature. The interior of this show tent is a constant electric blue, made of Serge Ferrai 702, the colours are vibrant and the material, as well as being ecological in it's fabrication, is incredibly strong. The sculpted design of this Big Top improves its wind tolerance and it is engineered to be able to stand the fairly adverse weather conditions that we experience from time to time that can be unforeseen when planning an event. Jollying up the skyline of any event/ festival, this Big Top will be up in Aberdeen in December and out on the festival circuit in the new year.